Discovering PowerOne with the SVP of Product Engineering

During the 2019 Dell Technologies Summit in Austin, TX, Dell EMC announced the launch of PowerOne, an Autonomous Infrastructure solution that allows IT administrators to simplify their IT operations and focus on the bigger picture instead of concentrating time, energy, and resources on the compute, storage, and networking verticals.

CONVERGED President Jonathan Toulon (JT) (@boywonderjt) had a few questions for Trey Layton (@treylayton), SVP of PowerOne Engineering at Dell EMC, post-PowerOne Launch.

JT:  Congratulations on the launch, Trey. Ten years ago you helped create the Converged Infrastructure category with Vblock and VCE, and now Dell EMC just launched PowerOne and Autonomous Infrastructure.  Our members will get to hear an exclusive deep dive from you at our upcoming annual Gartner IOC Meeting – I know many of us are eager to hear what you have to say.  Without stealing too much thunder, what should members know beforehand?

TREY: Thank you JT, the very short answer is PowerOne is a new converged system that uses software intelligence to minimize and in many cases eliminate the need for IT operators to orchestrate manual configurations and require deep technology awareness around those configuration dependencies.   Our purpose is to increase human efficiency in IT operations.

I’d point readers to these two resources for more details:

Direct2Dell blog by Trey

Press Release

And of course a shameless plug, I would encourage anyone in Vegas on December 9th to come join the conversation at the CONVERGED User Group Meeting!

JT:  Absolutely!  Many of our members own more than one product from the Dell EMC CI and HCI portfolio. Personally, I’ve got VxBlock, VxRack SDDC, VxRail, and may soon add VxFlex. I’ve heard you talk about the “And” conversation. Care to share a little perspective?

TREY:  I would love to, JT. Let me start by emphasizing what you just said – this is an “and” conversation, PowerOne will be offered in addition to VxBlock. VxBlock is a product I continue to be passionate about because it allows customers to consume our Storage and Data Protection technologies with Cisco, optimized for the VMware Cloud ecosystem.  Our HCI portfolio continues to help customers on their transformation journey in consuming software defined infrastructure that can serve edge and scale to core use cases.

As a teaser to the deep dive, the intelligence we built in PowerOne is in PowerOne Controller. We built it from the ground up with the “And” conversation in mind.  The goal is to increase IT operator efficiency with automation – not in isolation of a single product, but rather targeting our entire portfolio – to improve our customers’ experiences with managing and consuming the technologies they deploy.  We’re really excited about it, though I’ll stop here until after the User Group Meeting.

JT:  Thanks, Trey, we appreciate your time.  I know you are busy, and I’m glad to see you back out, making the rounds!  I look forward to syncing up with you after our Gartner meeting to hear more.

The CONVERGED event during Gartner IOC 2019 will be an exclusive opportunity for CONVERGED members to hear Trey’s insight on this exciting new release from Dell EMC. Plus, as always, this is an excellent chance to network with industry experts and peers! For another primer on all of the opportunities PowerOne can unlock, check out this video featuring Trey on The CUBE:

If you or someone you know will be attending the Gartner Infrastructure, Operations, and Cloud Strategies Conference in Las Vegas (December 9-12), be sure to register for the CONVERGED User Group Meeting. Space is limited, so be sure to reserve your spot soon by clicking HERE to register.

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